The following are a set of terms and conditions that an individual agrees to once their order has been placed and a payment type has been confirmed and agreed upon by the individual and BuiltMVMT. BuiltMVMT reserves the right to refuse service to any individual who does not agree to the below terms and conditions or if an individual physically or verbally harasses BuiltMVMT staff. 

  • Meal/juice ordering cutoff times are final; orders after the cutoff time will not be accommodated for an individual.
  • Individuals who place an order for meals/juices will agree to pay BuiltMVMT the full amount when a payment method and pickup/delivery option has been confirmed.
  • The individual will pick up their meals/juices at an agreed upon location within an agreed upon timeframe.
  • A delivery service fee will be charged to the individual if the individual requests for their meals/juices to be delivered or if an individual cannot pick up their meals at the agreed upon time or location and must have BuiltMVMT staff deliver their meals/juices.
  • Refunds will not be available to individuals who do not show up to pick up or receive their meals/juices at an agreed upon location and time.
  • All sales are final, and individuals will not be refunded once their meals/juices have been made.